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naga kanya and naginis

Keeping center Nagakanya, other two for sale

I hesitate to “advertise” this on my blog, but it may attract more people. I have just opened an eBay account called Nagaloka (serpent’s realm in Sanskrit) on which I will be selling off a lot of my Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu statues, artifacts and thankas (scroll paintings). Back when i was working and making good money i collected these items over the decades at good prices from the late Charles O’Hara who was a major East Coast importer of such items from Nepal, and from another late dealer who obtained his statues in the golden triangle of northern Thailand, Burma and Laos. Bottom line I don’t need three Nagakanyas, like in the picture above, only the best one in the middle. And I don’t need 20 phurbas and plan on only keeping the 100+ year old ones that Charle’s grandmother hand carried back from Kham in Eastern Tibet, and the one’s that feel best in my hands. I don’t need 10 thankas, only the ones of my main patron deities i was empowered in and the one Charles said was painted by one of the Dalai Lama’s brothers. I am only posting a couple items per week so i can keep up with trips to the Post Office or UPS, so there is only one set of phurbas posted now but more to come, so stay tuned if you are interested and pass this on to anyone you may know who may be interested in such artifacts. Potential buyers can email me directly even before items appear on eBay.

About a year and a half ago I donated probably $1000 of stuff to a large Nyingma Buddhist monastery in NY. The postage was atrocious due to the weight. I never even got so much as a thank you email, and when i asked online for prayers to be said for me at a special healing puja i never got a response either. So, so much for them. I hope someone benefited from the items, so i guess i got good karma rather than good money for those donations.

Why am i attempting to sell these items on eBay? Well first i contacted many retail dealers on the East Coast, and no one was interested in driving here to look at them. I was able to contact a professor of religious studies (who teaches Tibetan Buddhism and has written some books) at a nearby university and mailed him 4 boxes of about three quarters of my eastern religions library and he had most of them but a student did at least pay me for the high postage for such heavy boxes. She probably got $2000 worth of books for that.

Why am i selling at all? First, as i said above, i do not need all these objects. I am ill and i do not want my relatives burdened with what the hell these are and where to get rid of them. I would rather these items go to practicers who will appreciate and use them, not just to collectors. Secondly i need the money for the co-pay on an upcoming surgery, and to make ends meet here.

Regarding the low starting price on the phurbas on eBay my brother helped me as he has sold a lot there and he said that is the way you do it, but my reserve price is $300 though no one bidding can see that.


Half of these gifted, donated or sold

Most of these items will be of no interest to those of you are more into Witchcraft. And i hesitate on offering outside the USA overseas sales due to the unreliability of shipping to anywhere except for within the EU.


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