the evolution of the workbook..

I found these two refreshing blogs this week i want to share. The first is Love by the Moon and from there i found Moonlitbelladonna. What i like is that they are both just plain Nature and Kitchen Witches, no fancy tools, no fancy rituals, mostly solitaries that are self taught. Yes I like the blogs on Witchcraft and Magickal theory and such, but i soon get tired of those mostly male nitpickers arguing about whether a wand should be blue or red etc etc ad infinitum. Enjoy!

love by the moon

Years and many, many years ago (I cannot emphasize the many enough – croneholio!!), when I first started out on the pagan path, I spent a lot of my time trying to fashion my spiritual around the structures and 101 necessaries.. while a beautiful thing for those who thrive on formalized ritual and the symbolic use of all such things, it turned out that I was just not such a being. I was/am definitely more the solitary hutted up with her bones & other type – working with the plants and trekking the in-between. I eventually found my way through an old woman, a hyena, and a horse with red eyes.. but that is a story for another day and has nothing to do with the evolution of the workbook.


One of the first things I must say of my walk is that I am very simplified.. just me, a few necessities…

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