Guilty Pleasures: a photographic love affair with trees

Here is a lovely reblog of Lenora’s great pics of grand old trees, and my comments – Beautiful trees, and your pictures thereof! Sometimes i look at a tree and how it has grown and think of people’s lives and how they have lived and maybe they should be judged the same. No one looks at a tree (except maybe bonsai growers) and says “that branch shouldn’t have grown this way” or at another saying “that branch is twisted the wrong way”. The twists and bends of an old tree are a testament to its tenacity to keep growing through various storms and environments.
There is a beauty of symmetry in “royal garden” pruned trees, but a more terrible real beauty in nature unscripted. I know humans need some pruning to keep countries from killing each other at will, but gods save us from the axe man of God as jail warden.


The Haunted Palace

I’m not sure why I class this as a guilty pleasure, perhaps it’s because despite the fact that I am often completely enraptured with the trees that I come across, I am woefully ignorant of their species, their folk-lore and their medicinal uses!  I really can’t tell my Beech from my Sycamore, my Ash from my birch tree.  fortunately the trees don’t seem to mind too much and still pose for my pictures.

The other reason that it is a guilty pleasure is because, as anyone who has ever hiked with me will know, I am always being enticed off the beaten track to snap some amazing tree,  then having to scramble to catch up with everyone.

Despite my arboreal ignorance, I believe that trees have a presence, a distinct personality and a deep connection with the universe and that as humans we should respect and protect the trees in…

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