Ask, and Receive, but Don’t Forget to Give Back!

I found these two refreshing blogs this week i want to share. The first is Love by the Moon and from there i found Moonlitbelladonna. What i like is that they are both just plain Nature and Kitchen Witches, no fancy tools, no fancy rituals, mostly solitaries that are self taught. Yes I like the blogs on Witchcraft and Magickal theory and such, but i soon get tired of those mostly male nitpickers arguing about whether a wand should be blue or red etc etc ad infinitum. Enjoy!

MoonlitBelladonna's Blog


The moon, such a beautiful sight in star-dotted, night sky. Its pale, silvery, light shining  over every leaf, home, and sleeping flower, casting a haunting glow on it all. It is so breath-taking to  stand outside on a full moon, and to see every part of your yard or woods lit up like a flashlight is on. Everything is moonlit; Maybe we’ll find some belladonna ;)

The moon, especially when full, can be great all on its own, but a full moon is also a great time, in my opinion, for wishing magick, or spells in general. When I do wishing magick, I ask for what I want, focus on it in my mind, and then I always leave out a gift for the moon. I think the ‘moon spirit’ would be more willing to give me what I asked for, if I was to give her a gift first…

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