Satanic Panic – Ah the good ole days, and those haircuts!

I had to laugh when i saw this link on The Wild Hunt’s Unleash the Hounds links roundup leading to a story on Dangerous Minds called 99% of Stoners are Satan Worshipers which led to this circa 1989 video of the good ole Satanic Panic days called “Edge of Evil – the Rise of Satanism in America”. I could tell it was from that era from the hair styles alone, LOL. And remember what the preacher says at the end of the video that is you as an adult or child have any of these positive or negative emotions, or perhaps any emotions, You could be tempted into worshiping Satan!


6 thoughts on “Satanic Panic – Ah the good ole days, and those haircuts!

  1. Omg I just started laughing when he started breathlessly chanting ‘do it gerry – do it!’. Since he thinks that girls who dress in black are Satanists – does that mean he thinks nuns are up to something shady?

  2. Well I suppose someone has to exercise those nuns – they might get fat otherwise – oh, you mean excorsise…. ;0)

  3. Well the haircuts certainly were evil! Hmm so it seems any teenager who has ever done anything that all teenagers do, or who is sad, or happy, or somewhere in-between is in fact a Satanist. I’ve been in a huge majority all these years and never even realised it! Oh and if he thinks a little tattoo between the finger and the thumb is a sign of Satanic possession he’d probably think I must have a special corner of hell reserved for me when he sees where my Lucifer sigil is located!

    • Yea the only tats i have ever seen in the web of the thumb is a cross. Maybe he thinks criminals with a tear tattooed by their eye means they are crying for Jesus, lol. I’m sure only special friends get to see your Lucy tat…

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