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Today I found two great articles on the Witch/Pagan Blogosphere. The first is Jason Pitzi-Waters at The Wild Hunt called What is the Pagan Blogosphere – What Role does it Serve? And the second much longer article he refers to is from Christine Kraemer at Patheos interviewing Anne Newkirk Niven, publisher of Witches&Pagans magazine and the PaganSquare website on Anne Newkirk Niven: A Conversation on Pagan Publishing and the Future of Our Movement. She brings up many good points about Witch/Pagan blogging both the good the bad and the ugly. One quote i liked is “My more spiritual Pagan practice mostly consists of being out in Nature—walking, gardening, bicycling or motorcycling, or even just working at my desk with the window open so I can hear the birds and critters out in the backyard.” which shows the basis she comes from, that the blogs are not the center of her witch life. It seems way too many witches rely on the internet and forums than actually get out in the woods. And she bemoans how people get into comments fights that lead to nowhere, and those blogs get the most responses which the better written posts about actual practice just get a “that’s nice” Like or comment.

This January i will have been blogging for two years, and i have thoroughly enjoyed it. I think i have kept my nose out of theology fights even though i will reblog posts with opposite opinions just because i think their voice needs heard. Every once in awhile i subscribe to a more “intellectual” blog or two by mostly ceremonial magickians that get into pissy fits about lineage is older or better and if it gets too derogatory and personal i just unsubscribe. That’s not what i blog for and not what i practice witchcraft and magick for. Of late I have subscribed to more hedgewitch and kitchen witch blogs that don’t get into all that type of discussion. I may get some comments that disagree with my post, and i usually let those be displayed and give a civil “ok that’s your opinion” response but never get into a full word battle. I like Anne’s quote that “My basic rule has always been: if you wouldn’t say this to someone’s face, don’t say it online. The so-called Silver Rule (“anything you would not want done to you, don’t do to anyone else”) also seems to apply.”

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  1. Anne Newkirk Niven seems to be making a really good point that actually connecting with nature should be at least as big a part of pagan spirituality as connecting with cyberspace. I may be extremely vague about my own spiritual path, but I know I feel most spiritually connected when I am out in nature, whether its hiking in a wildwood or moorland or just a walk in the local park. Cyperspace is great for research and debate (and watching people spat), but it will never replace actually going out and experiencing nature first hand.

    • I feel really bad especially for younger cyber witches who live in the city and their “witch friends” on the pc are their only contacts, and even worse that they have to take a bus to find some trees.

      • I live in city too, but I am lucky that there are some beautiful parks very close by, and I have easy access to the country side – via bus! I suppose it really depends on your location and your finances.

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