Wide Awake – Katy Perry video

I found this video at the Karmapolice blog yesterday, and she usually posts something inspiriting on what she calls her Pink Monday post. I’m not into pop music at all and never even heard of Katy Perry though i am sure many younger bloggers have. Like i said this is not normally my style but i like the video story and graphics of escaping the Labyrinth of our own and society’s making, and I liked the words. Enjoy my lighter side as it won’t last long, lol.

Wide Awake – Katy Perry

I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake

I’m wide awake
Yeah, I was in the dark
I was falling hard
With an open heart
I’m wide awake
How did I read the stars so wrong?
I’m wide awake
And now it’s clear to me
That everything you see
Ain’t always what it seems
I’m wide awake
Yeah, I was dreaming for so long

I wish I knew then
What I know now
Wouldn’t dive in
Wouldn’t bow down
Gravity hurts
You made it so sweet
‘Til I woke up on
On the concrete

Falling from cloud nine
Crashing from the high
I’m letting go tonight
Yeah, I’m falling from cloud nine

I’m wide awake
Not losing any sleep
I picked up every piece
And landed on my feet
I’m wide awake
Need nothing to complete myself, no

I’m wide awake
Yeah, I am born again
Out of the lion’s den
I don’t have to pretend
And it’s too late
The story’s over now, the end
I’m wide awake
Thunder rumbling
Castles crumbling
I’m wide awake
I am trying to hold on
I’m wide awake
God knows that I tried
Seeing the bright side
I’m wide awake
I’m not blind anymore…

I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake

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