Featuring – the “Pagan Movement” website

Queen Mabh

Queen Mabh – from multiple sources on the www

A few days ago I found the Pagan Movement website, which is an archive of the writings of Tom Kelly on various subjects in British and Irish Paganism. There are lots of good articles and I especially liked the Invocation to the Goddess and all the seasonal rituals. Their rites seem to be their own and not from Gardnerian / Alexandrian sources, and they work a lot with the Goddess Mabh.From their Home page:

“This site is a repository of material  created by The Pagan Movement. It contains  narratives of the rites created for the Movement and and extended account of some events in the Movement’s history. Much of the written material stored here was produced by Tony Kelly, and to some extent the site is a record of his output as a pagan. There are also contributions from other prominent members of the Movement and the site will eventually contain extensive records of the nature writing, poetry and other evocative material that filled many of the Movement’s regular newsletters.”

Blessed Be and Enjoy!