A Whiff of Brimstone: the Original Hell-fire Club

Here is a good summation from Lenora at The Haunted Palace of the infamous Hell Fire Club. Were they just spoiled rich boys having a devilish good time? Were they truly occultists with a dark twist? Were they hiding a political or philosophical agenda challenging the norm of their time?
I saw the picture of Emma Peel and did not realize that there was an episode of The Avengers that centered on the Hell Fire Club in a modern adaptation, which had parts that were censured in both the US and UK. I found the entire episode called A Touch of Brimstone which unfortunately has lots of commercials one cannot skip but which is still entertaining. Enjoy!

The Haunted Palace

London 1721:  The King uncovers Satanism in High Society

220px-London_Gazette(1705)WikiOn the 28 April 1721 the London Gazette reported on the Governments attempts to quash the nefarious activities of a group of young persons, both men and women, drawn from the cream of society, whose outrageously irreligious behaviour was thought to be causing moral anarchy and endangering the very fabric of society.  Although not named directly, the main target of the King and the government’s legislation was the notorious Hell-Fire Club.

His Majesty have received Information, which gives great Reason to suspect that there have lately been and still are, in and about the Cities of London and Westminster, certain scandalous Clubs or Societies of young Persons who meet together, and in the most impious and blasphemous Manner insult the most sacred Principles of Holy Religion, affront Almighty God himself, and corrupt the Minds and Morals of one another;

London Gazette, 28th April 1721

A Tabloid Drama…

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4 thoughts on “A Whiff of Brimstone: the Original Hell-fire Club

  1. Many thanks for the re-blog, glad you enjoyed the post! According to Wikipedia that episode of the Avengers was the most watched episode (I wonder why…?) and Diana Rigg designed her own costume.

    • Yea i can see why it was banned in the States back then. And in the UK they cropped (no pun intended) the whip scene to one snap. Don’t want to give those viewers any ideas, lol.

  2. Oh I’m definitely going to watch that episode of The Avengers when I have a quiet evening. After the invention of Emma Peel, what girl wouldn’t be bisexual?? Emma in the Hell Fire club… The stuff my darkest dreams are made of! ;-)

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