Cult of the Banshee

I hope to never hear the cry of the Banshee foretelling of someone’s death. In fact they may have been replaced by the middle of the night email, text or tweet. Though here in the Appalachians we still have our stories of mostly birds calling or hooting or flying into a window to warn us.

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banshee tales

I think that I am not far wrong when I say that nearly everybody, even in these later days, believes in the supernatural. There is something akin to the Unseen in ourselves, in our thoughts, in our inner consciousness, which Nature will not allow us to entirely ignore. With some the supernatural takes the form of luck, of a blind belief in Fate, while the particular brand of others is ghosts pure and simple. Between those two, luck and ghosts, there is a wide range of speculation and assertion.

Without doubt, the supernatural exists to a large extent in the imagination. I do not say that it exists only or entirely in the imagination, but I do affirm that the imagination has a great influence upon the existence of the supernatural. A highly strung, nervous, imaginative temperament is more susceptible to, and receptive of the supernatural; it is what I…

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2 thoughts on “Cult of the Banshee

  1. I believe the word banshee derives from ‘bean sidhe’ meaning ‘woman fairy.’ The fay have always been bound up with fate and death…

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