“Unleashing the Beast” – Crowley and Tantra


I went to this link at The Wild Hunt and found this link (NSFW) which then led to this article entitles Unleashing the Beast – Aleister Crowley, Tantra and Sex Magic in Late Victorian England by Hugh Urban. I have read all this before in various forms, but it is a good concise article on how Crowley and others within his circles were instrumental in bringing the practices of Eastern Tantra into Western Magicke. I am sure there is something in here that will offend someone, but hey, its an article about Aleister Crowley! Both images of Crowley are widely distributed across the www. 93

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3 thoughts on ““Unleashing the Beast” – Crowley and Tantra

  1. yeah i cant stand crowley but definitely he was a pioneer and for this respect..i think u’ll like my article of today about the carnival of oruro and EL TIO kiss

  2. As you may have guessed I’m travelling again and getting behind with both blogging and reading, but I will bookmark this for further investigation. :-)

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