• How a good little Celtic Pagan girl got caught up in Hoodoo

I found this very down to earth blogger today, or rather she found me, and i enjoy what i have read so far and hope she keeps on blogging. This post was close to my heart as a witch living in the central Appalachians. Enjoy!

Parting the Mists

I have a secret. I enjoy learning about Hoodoo.

Despite being what I consider a Celtic Eclectic Pagan, with a strong interest in the Avalonian path and in gleaning what I can about the ancient Celts, I’ve developed a fascination with American folk magic.

At first, I thought I should keep it to myself. Surely some of my peers would look askance as it didn’t seem to fit well with my primary path. After all, folk magic is often called low magic – and what did it have to do with connecting to my Celtic ancestry?

Well, I’ve realized it has a lot to do with it.

Frankly, it was my Celtic path that brought me to American folk magic in its varied forms. One of the things my Hearth group does at Samhain is to ask the ancestors to join us or to honor them in some way. These…

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9 thoughts on “• How a good little Celtic Pagan girl got caught up in Hoodoo

  1. Thank you for reposting. I’m still learning a lot about folk traditions, and your site looks like it may be helpful and inspirational.

    • You are welcome. I’m not much of a powwow practicer but one of the men in our coven i call “Dutch Jeff” because he shaved his beard like an Amish man has taught me a lot.

    • On the BSSS blog if you go to the Coven of the Catta page at the top and then to that About page you can see a link to some free PDF downloads at Lulu.com (i think you have to register to download) and gives the history of my main teachers, one of whom has passed on and the other is in her mid 80s. I have been blessed, that is all.

    • Yes she lives in the south western part of the Appalachians, which was colonized by lots of Scots, Irish, Welsh and others from the Isles. BTW i have been meaning to ask – do you and others prefer to be placed in England (after the Angles), Britain, or the British Isles (which includes the conquered lands of the whole country)?

      • I don’t know what Lorna’s views are on this, but I’m a Northerner (to be specific a Geordie – LOL)! But seriously, it’s a bit of a loaded question really – I usually say British if I am abroad, but within the UK I am English but I think it largely it may depend upon which of the countries in the British Isles you come from and your political leanings!

        • Thanks Lenora. Yea there seems to be a lot of history and politics in those names but i guess English and British have a lesser edge than UK because people farthest from London have fresher memories of the fights.

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