“When the Drummers were Women” – RIP Layne Redmond

The other day I saw at The Wild Hunt this article on Lynn Redmond, who seems instrumental in uncovering and reviving the art of drumming for women, and who passed on way too young. The article is called Layne Redmond 1952-2013 and has two great videos and i am embedding one of them below. I think many pagans and witches, female and male, will appreciate her work and learn a lot about our past. Blessed be her departed spirit. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on ““When the Drummers were Women” – RIP Layne Redmond

  1. I had no idea that the tamborine and frame drum had such a fascinating history, and one so intertwined with female history. How sad that Layne is not alive to continue her work.

  2. Neither did I, but there is it in many ancient paintings and sculptures, and in modern Middle Eastern based dances which may now be more mundane, like for a wedding, but which came from a more sacred past. Shamans male and female have been drumming on those for millennia.

    • I studied archaeology, and can’t believe it was never really covered. Some of the ancient images she presented and not once did any lecturer ever point out that women were drumming in a sacred context. Hmph.

      • Sorry, keyboard went a bit funny there and my response made no sense! I meant to say that I am familiar with some of the images Layne presented from the ancient world, but their significance in women’s history was never explored or even referenced at Uni.

        • Unfortunately most older archeologists at university are men who look at history through men’s eyes. It takes someone like her to reinterpret the images in a more balanced light.

          • Too true. Still, I think things are getting better in that respect – there are certainly more prominent female archaeologists and historians on TV – although from what I hear some of them get seriously ‘trolled’ on social media which just shows some people’s attitudes still stink!

            • Excuse my french, but who the Fk cares about the opinions of trolls on social media? lol. These anthropology archeology theses need debated by academics of the writer’s level. I would rather read their publications than some new agey wiccan FB “expert”.

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