After All Hallows, a little Vodoun

As I posted earlier the Coven of the Catta did our All Hallows ritual earlier in the week when everyone could attend.

On my own yesterday, as i have done in years before, i worked more in the realm of Vodoun with Ghede and other Lwa connected with Death.

i have had a pile of wood in the fire pit for awhile, covered up by a tarp to keep it dry, and finally yesterday there was no wind to blow sparks into the leaves and a light drizzle then rain, so i was able to fire it up and toss into it psychically everything i wanted to get rid of as the moon is waning to new on this Day of the Dead.

All Hallows Eve 2013 (1)

Then i went to the Hex House and made offerings of tobacco and sherry to Azrael and Samael who sit on those chairs, and to the Indian spirits who dwell downstairs.

All Hallows Eve 2013 (3)

All Hallows Eve 2013 (2)

Then later in the day i made offerings of absinthe, tobacco and candy corn to the Ghede part of my Vodoun altar which contains skulls i have collected over the decades including a nice quartz crystal skull, a small quartz crystal skull from an old rock and mineral store in Gettysburg (the first and only place i have ever felt ghosts), an AmerIndian clay skull shaped pipe bowl, a malachite skull from Mexico, a coffin nail from St Louis cemetery in New Orleans, a glass skull from NO, two onyx skull bookends, an old iron fishing gig trident, some $2 bills, a gypsy cross of the three nails from the cross, a chicken bone cross a friend gave me, and two “crystal skull vodka” bottles i was going to open on 12/21/2012 for the end of the world, but that never happened, lol. Yes i know the veve is of Legba, but it is on my Vodoun BOS full of the attributes and veves of the various Lwa and tons of veves of Exu.

All Hallows Eve 2013 (4)

All Hallows Eve 2013 (5)

All in an eclectic Witches day’s work and play………

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6 thoughts on “After All Hallows, a little Vodoun

  1. Wow, that is eclectic- Vodoun, angels and local spirits too! Like with our British / N. European / Brazilian ceremony shows everything’s connected and diverse parties can work together if done in the right way. After all they’ve been about and probably visiting each other much longer than us!

    Randomly, my mum has just told me her old dulcimer is from Appalachia and has just got the strings changed… small world!

    • Some pagans and witches debate mixing systems. I think if the deities are kinda universal they can be, but the more local they are the less than can be transplanted except by people who have them in their blood so to speak. That’s cool on the dulcimer. Where the heck did your mum get one of those from here?

  2. That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the Day of the Dead. It seems to me that not enough Pagans get outdoors with their practice, though I can understand the privacy issues for those of us living in town (looks like you have a nice patch of woods).

    The vodka skull bottle made me smile – I just recently added two of the mini Kah tequila skull bottles to my Beloved Dead altar.

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