Samhain Song – by Celestial Elf

Though I am no big fan of avatars in animation, I really liked these two videos put together by Celestial Elf at The Dance of Life blog. The first one is called Samhain Song and below the videos are his words from the video. Note the videos and words are his copyright and I wrote him i would be reblogging them.

The sun is bright nolonger – nor warm,
Old branches hung with sleeping.
The great wheel turns, another year,
Into the darkness fleeting.
Of questions asked with breath bowed words,
leaf rustle – bird’s wing whispers.
The rivers tale unfolds a dream,
Moonlight paints winters whiskers.
As darkest night cracks silent stars,
And shapes shift slowly creeping.
In meadows that the scythe has hewn,
Now Samhain fires are leaping.
The dance of life is spinnning on,
Death cleaves and weaves light lowly.
The welcome chant as earth grows cold,
my heart, a north wind only.
The Veil Is thin and gates wide swung,
The Netherworld is dawning.
Samhain arrives with setting sun,
An Otherworld is yawning.
“Ancestors one and Kinsfolk all,
We invite you now to hearth and hall.
Come tell us of your travels hence,
And share your wisdom, recompence.
I ask you lay your blessings here,
In this season of waning of light.
That darkness not be heavy to bear,
And journeys end be bright.
Now hear the voices of the dead,
Uncounted jewels around us.
Of grandafther gone – grandmother led,
from sky – tree – earth they found us.
And one by one the spirits come,
laughing beside our firesides.
Tender tales of sights unknown,
forewarnings of the darksides.
And all too soon the gathering ends,
beloved friends departing.
To Otherworld they do return,
Another year advancing.
As fires quell – through mists one yell
Samhain’s bright blessing heard we;
My time is come – now heed my tell,
And Ever Joy beside thee;
Our ancient blood runs in your veins,
The spirit of our heart your keep.
Our wisdom shared to guide you on,
Thus Take and Give – Remember.
By Cauldron of Earth and Blossom of Bone,
The Circle of Life is Unbroken.
By Depth of Sea and Light of Star,
The forms of Life are but Token.
So Mote It Be!

The second one is called The Witch – Wise Woman of the People which does have a good ending.

Enjoy and Blessed All Hallows Eve!

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    • And a blessed All Hallows Eve to you too dear. We had our ritual last Sunday and today it was calm with some drizzle rain so i was able to light a bonfire and will do some honouring of Ghede later and visit the local cemetery tomorrow, all in a witches days work, lol.

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