Samhain Blessings )O( video

A friend sent me this poem from FB, which i am not on so i do not know its source:

The veil between the worlds grows thin.

We rest for a few moments on the banks of the river of life.

We gaze downstream to honor those who have crossed over before us.

We look upstream to dream of those who will come after us.

We shed a tear, we smile, we remember,

then plunge back into the rushing waters,

swimming joyously until it is our turn

to cross to the other side.

And this lovely video, which is a little fluffy for me, but i still like it. At my age so many have died and many are on death’s door, even right now. Like Carlos Castaneda once said (to paraphrase) – Go through life aware that Death is always sitting on your left shoulder and live accordingly.


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