“Black Cemetery Rain” post from The Cemetery Traveler blog

newport graveyard

Local cemetery – photo copyright 2013 GLHoke

For those of you who might have Taphophilia (not to be confused with necrophilia) instead of Taphophobia, I once again recommend The Cemetery Traveler blog by Ed Snyder who lives in the eastern part of Pennsylvania and is a great photographer and historian with many an interesting tale to tell. To quote from his blog – “Ed Snyder began this blog in order to share his decade-long experience with all things cemeterial. As a photographer specializing in images of cemetery statuary, I’ve run into some interesting people, had some unexplainable experiences, and had a lot of fun.”

I was especially touched by this post called Black Cemetery Rain where he drives in the pouring rain though a small graveyard in NE PA, trying to take pictures through his car window, which actually come out rather well and are very atmospheric. He also waxes philosophical on death as it has touched his life of late, something he rarely does. If you are a Taphophile i suggest a thorough exploration of other posts and great pictures.

Grando Mortem…..


Harrisburg cemetery Olmstead mausoleum steps – photo copyright 2013 GLHoke

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  1. Great pix! I think I pretty much fit the taphophilia criteria: I love graveyards, tombstones and cemeteries (was just leaping round in one the other day taking pix as it happens!) I shall enjoy exploring The Cemetery Traveler blog!

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