Witchy Pumpkin Halloween Challenge

I saw this picture on Tumblr today of pumpkins carved with a Pentagram, the Goddess, and Kernunnos and thought these were cool as shit, but a lot of skilled work with the proper tools.



My own little subliminal trick was to carve the traditional pumpkin face on the front of the pumpkin, then carve an open five pointed star on the back and when you put a candle on it and put it up against the house it would project a pentagram onto the wall, LOL. Enjoy, and happy pumpkin carving!

6 thoughts on “Witchy Pumpkin Halloween Challenge

  1. I love pumpkin carving – but I remember as a kid we always used to have turnip lanterns. They were an absolute bugger to carve but the smell of roasting turnip when the candle is lit is amazing – and they tend to look pretty evil! I think the turnip lantern thing must be a northern Britisish tradition!

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