Featuring the “Sexy Witch” blog of fun images from the pre-1800s to Today


Here’s a fun blog called Sexy Witch which features images of witches from pre-1800 up through the decades including old postcards, paintings, snapshots from old films, and more modern erotic but tasteful images. Because of the latter i will have to list this as NSFW and 18+ only. But as i said it is all in good taste and no one should be offended except some stereotypes of witches are illustrated. All i can say to that is Get a Life. Yea I’m a serious witch, but sometimes witches like to celebrate Halloween as much as Samhain! All images here are from this blog, which unfortunately stopped publishing in December of 2011. Its not just a picture blog but also gives good information on the image of the witch throughout time.


And here’s a clip of Kim Novak and her cat familiar Pyewacket putting a love spell on Jimmy Stewart from “Bell, Book and Candle” Enjoy!