RIP Neville Drury 1947-2013


Photo by Lesley Drury from his website

By RIP I really mean Reincarnate In Peace to the late Neville Drury who passed on October 15th. He was a well known scholar of Pagan studies and Western Occultism, writer, art publisher, and probably best know in the past for being the co-producer, researcher and interviewer for the 1985 documentary called “The Occult Experience” which featured many of the witchcraft and occult players of that time even into today. I remember him best for his book “Pan’s Daughter” about Rosaleen Norton, her life and artwork.

Many posts have come out already at which you can explore his life in more detail at The Wild Hunt, Albion Calling and at his personal Website which lists all his books and has his official obituary.

I have embedded below “The Occult Experience” which is about an hour and a half long, and though it is dated it is a classic and most interesting, though many of you may have seen it in years past.

Enjoy the video, and mourn the loss of this prolific spokesman for witches, pagans and occultists alike.

co-producer, researcher and interviewer

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  1. I knew Neville in the 1970s when he worked for the Department of Education in Goulburn Street Sydney. I wrote some reviews and article for Cosmos. I only thought of him early in 2013 and wish I had made contact with him. RIP, Neville.

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