I am no expert in Norse mythology or Norse funeral practices, but found this video at the Karmapolice blog to be of great interest, especially since is about the Priestess Cult of the Volva.

To quote from the video at YT:

Oseberg – “The Mound of the Gods”, in Vestfold, Norway, close to Norway`s oldest city Tunsberg. The mound of Oseberg contained a viking ship burial of unequalled splendor for the Viking Age. It was the grave of two ladies of high standing. Long belived to have been a Queen and her sacrificed handmaiden, many modern researchers have pointed out that the ship burial bears overwhelming evidence of having been part of a religious cult, and that the two women were priestesses of more or less equal rank. Was this the grave of an incarnation of Freya and her priestess? (Anne Stine Ingstad`s thesis) Or the grave of two women connected to the cult of giantesses and the Sacred Marriage in connection to kingship consecration? (Gunnhild Røthe`s thesis based on Gro Steinsland`s work) Was it the grave of two völur (witch-priestesses or seeresses), masters of the art of seidr (a Norse form of witchcraft and shamanism)? (Brit Solli`s thesis) Or perhaps a combination of all these things and something more? (My thesis, yay!)”


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