Pentecostals dancing to a Slayer video

I found this video at the My Succubus Wife – Journal of an Eclectic Satanist blog and think it is absolutely hilarious. It is a film from various Pentecostal Holy Roller church services set to the music of Slayer. In my youth a couple times i attended Pentecostal services for recovering heroin addicts (and i can still recognize the scent of those toxins coming out of their bodies) and i can tell you that some spirit definitely came down upon them, and the addicts seems to be healed by a higher power. But as this and other videos illustrate i think the same shamanic ecstatic manifestations are also evident in some Vodoun rites of becoming the “horse” for the Lwa, and the same in rites done in southern India Shiva’s son Murugan where they pierce themselves with tridents, and in the trance dances of the Bon oracles who channel messages from the old mountain protectors in Tibetan Buddhism, and in Dionysian rites, and even in a Slayer mosh pit. Even though this may appear as a mockery, i truly believe there are many forms of ecstasy that can be achieved through many spiritual methods which Will put on ein contact with at least this aspect of the Divine. I am thinking of starting a snake handling poison drinking cult connected with Witchcraft instead of Christianity. Any volunteers??? Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Pentecostals dancing to a Slayer video

  1. I watched the video first, nearly bust a gut laughing, then read your very perceptive and insightful comments and felt a little bad for laughing so much at people sincerely expressing their religious extacy (well, OK I only felt a little bit bad – it was a VERY funny video!)

  2. You may laugh but I can absolutely identify with this- I had my first spiritual insight after reading Hegel’s ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’ then getting plastered and moshing for hours in a sweaty rock club. When I collapsed onto a seat to heavy guitars, pounding drums and flashing lights I felt the rush of spirit moving through all things and the insight felt the insight flow through the whole of my being that the world is the manifestation of spirit. I finally understood on every level what I didn’t get from just reading. A process I’d recommend to any student of Continental Philosophy ;)

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