Hail Ganesha – this is my 10th anniversary of having this house!

Ganesha Blue

Ten years ago today i had no plans on buying a house and didn’t even know if i could swing it financially. But then an opportunity presented itself that i just could not refuse. Before this i had always just rented apartments, sometimes on the edge of the city but mostly out in the sticks, all for a very cheap price even back then. But a friend’s ex-husband who owned the house had re-married and they needed to move to some central location so their drive to work was less. So Doug offered me the house at a good price, and back then the interest rates were low and it was before the real estate crash here in the USA. Instead of using a broker, which costs money, we basically bought a generic sales agreement at Home Depot and ran it past the mortgage bank lawyer and shook hands in a gentleman’s agreement. I put in some other requirements like cleaning up shit in the yard and finishing some siding and  putting in all new windows, which have been a blessing with heating costs. The roof was fairly new so that was a plus too. I was also back then able to pay for a complete rewiring of the 60 year old electrical system, and do other upgrades as i could afford them.

Ganesha Green

The whole time i was waiting for the bank and everything else to go though i did puja to Ganesha (the Hindu god of overcoming obstacles) and Kubera/Vaisravana (the Hindu/Buddhist god of wealth and the earthly plane) to move things along. I have this small old well worn brass Ganesha who is a perfect size for a worry stone and you can use your thumb to rub his belly and trunk, which he likes. And i have a newer copper with gold wash Kubera with inlaid stones that is sealed because it is consecrated. Both of which i got from the late Charles O’Hara back in the 90s. And they both came through! Today, as on every anniversary, i do a puja and make offerings to them again in thanks and for continued prosperity. Now that i am unemployed and on disability money is much more an issue, especially trying to keep up with taxes and heating costs. But i pray i will be able to keep living in this house on this beautiful property until the day i die.


Ganesha altar with Thai Ganesha riding three headed elephant, Kubura left, Ganesha right, flanked by Shiva lingums and brass dishes of old coins and talismans.

HouseFrontHouse front a few autumns ago.


House back a few autumns ago.

7 thoughts on “Hail Ganesha – this is my 10th anniversary of having this house!

  1. Ganesha has always been my favourite Hindu deity. Congratulations on your ten year anniversary in such a beautiful place; I wish you many more healthy and happy years there.

  2. Your house looks great – and what a setting. From reading your blog it seems that you have a real connection to the place – I’m sure you are not meant to leave it. Here’s to many more happy years there.

  3. Congratulations! Lord Ganesha always follows through, and I’m glad he gave you this wonderful opportunity. Remember to use his blessing wisely, and all things will fall into place. )O(

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