Red Fox – Bones and Spirit

For those who you who enjoyed The Story of Le Petit Mouse Brigitte but may have not been following this blog 10 months ago I am reblogging another of my short illustrated stories here.

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

Red Fox – Bones and Spirit

© 2011 GLHoke

In May of 2010 I awoke and noticed both of my cats were staring out the sliding glass door in the direction of the little white cabin next door, which I did not then own. What attracted their attention was a red fox, not alive, but dead with its head sticking out from under the porch. I assume it was probably struck by a car while crossing the road last night and managed to craw under the porch where it eventually rested in peace. Since I knew the weather was warming I knew that it would eventually stink as the corpse deteriorated.

HH wintersolstice 8Little White Cabin where the Red Fox died

So I put on some leather gloves and got out the trusty purple plastic toboggan I use to haul stones and such around the property, and loaded up the carcass. I…

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