The Sacred Masculine

Here is Metal Gaia’s companion post to the previous one on the Triple Goddess, so Enjoy reading it. I’m sorry of late i have just been reblogging others good writings instead of composing my own original posts. I have promised people i would write on my experiences with the Aliens/Angels/Nephilim and on my Tattoos and their meaning, but both are very personal subjects and i hesitate and just have not had the energy or inspiration to write of late.

Metal Gaia


Image Source A Picture of Balder, A Norse God of Light and Beauty

I’d like to bring your attention to a very insightful article I just read on the concept of “The Sacred Masculine.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE. There is much in the Pagan community about getting in touch with your Sacred Feminine side. It is definitely important for men AND women to get in touch with their feminine nature. This could involve meditating on the lives of different Goddesses who inspire you. Yet not as often mentioned is the concept of the Sacred Masculine.

The author of the article mentioned above goes over four important male archetypes in myth and spirituality:

  • The King, The Warrior, The Magician and The Lover.

Each archetype has a positive and negative aspect. Also, these roles aren’t limited to males.



  • “The King archetype is the fully conscious male commanding leadership with…

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8 thoughts on “The Sacred Masculine

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  2. I like the way she’s redone it with pics. I also think that honouring both the feminine and masculine is important although I don’t believe in forcing yourself to do so in perfect balance or at all if it doesn’t feel right.

    One of the things that peeves me a bit is about some forms of modern paganism is the all out emphasis on ‘the goddess’- I believe on the Pagan Fed website the divine feminine has to be included in worship for someone to class as a pagan at all! A few months back I received criticism from another pagan for focusing my worship on ‘a male aspect of the fay’ instead of ‘the goddess.’ Which seriously pissed me off.

    I believe that there should be men’s mysteries and women’s mysteries- that we should have the freedom to seek inspiration from and honour whatever gods, heroes or role modes we wish, whatever their sex, without critique.

    Apologies I got a bit carried away on that one. Rant over.

    • Yes, everything in balance. And these three fold and four fold forms are just templates since we as humans have many more facets as do the god/ess. I was taught to keep the God and Goddess in balance, but that the Goddess was just a literal superior since we all come from women.

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