Here is an informative post on Michaelmas and its connection with its perhaps pagan past. In our coven we still use the Christianized names for some of our rituals, like Candlemas instead of Imbolc. Also in our coven we use the Archangel names at the Watchtowers. And I have worked with Michael in ceremonial magicke also. I like the symbolism of the cauldron being upturned to represent the womb of summer becoming the tomb of winter. Enjoy and Blessed Michaelmas!

Pilgrim's Way

Michaelmas time, Michaelmas time,
Time is turning under the plough,
Under the stars, under the signs,
The ploughman toils with deep furrowed brow.

He turns his thoughts against the cold,
Buries his fears ‘neath earth’s deep mould,
Frost like fire burns white on the blade,
Of his iron share that red fire made.

(Source unknown)

Positioned at the threshold between summer and winter, Michaelmas (the 29th of September – modern calendar) heralds the turning point of the year, a pivot upon which the see-saw of the seasons teeters and topples, this time towards the dark, colder months.  It is one half of the axis, which along with Easter cuts the year exactly in half.

When I think of Michaelmas I can’t help but think of Blackberries, after Michaelmas the devil is said to piss over them, others will tell you he fell on the bramble, cursing them in the process…

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5 thoughts on “Michaelmas

  1. I just love the name “Michaelmas.” Actually, I love all the old Christianized names, such as Candlemas. This was a great article, thanks for sharing.

    Holda is beginning to make her appearance known here, too, with the geese flying early this year and actual chill (well, …. what feels chilly to a Southerner) coming early. It’ll be interesting. Holda has come in with the Ice Giants every year on the second weekend of November for the past decade. I know this because for the past decade, Doug and I have hosted a gathering on that weekend, and it turned cold and windy and sometimes wet every year, even if the week before had been in the ’80s…we’re not hosting it this year, so we’ll see.

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