Serpent’s Links 28 September 2013


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connected with the Year of the Water Snake

Here are some interesting links on magick and witchcraft I found recently.

First from the Albion Calling blog an Interview with Dr. Robert Mathiesen in which he discusses his career and some possible pre-Garderian witches in various esoteric organizations and solitaries in America. To quote from the post:

Today here at Albion Calling, I am interviewing Dr. Robert Mathiesen, an American Medievalist, Slavist, and renowned historian of Western esotericism. Now Professor Emeritus at Brown University, Rhode Island, where he has worked since 1967, in recent years Dr. Mathiesen has turned his attention to both the textual evidence for witchcrafts in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century United States, as well as the work of folklorist Charles Godfrey Leland, who himself played a significant role in the development of contemporary Pagan Witchcraft. We talk about Mathiesen’s life, research, and thoughts about the future of the field.”

There are lots of links in that interview but the one i found most fruitful was to Michael Howard’s The Cauldron download page at which are 8 free PDFs (hit the > Arrows to access and then the > More button on the bottom right) of various interesting occult subjects. I have just skimmed through these articles and plan to read them in detail this weekend.

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