Stop stealing from your fellow pagans!

I found a link at The Wild Hunt the other day to this blog and advise on how pagan artists and writers can TRY to protect their own works and the works of others on the internet. Please click on All the links in the post and after it to learn some great techniques. i for one wish every artist and photographer would have the software to put a watermark of copyright on their works, not necessarily blocking out the whole image, but maybe at the bottom (though of course someone can always download then crop that off later). I and most bloggers i follow seems to try VERY HARD to give credit where credit is due. But over the years i have amassed files of images and do not remember where i got them from. One technique i learned here is if you kept the title the same your can put the image on your desktop then drag it over to a Google image search and often find the artist. But if you changed the title that does not work so well. And you can also paste in a search for some lines from your poem or post to see what other sites out there may have stolen them from your blog. Being able to reblog on WP works great but reblogging a Blogger site to WP all you can do it paste a link, not the whole text, though i will sometimes put in a short quote in parenthesis and italics as a teaser (usually from something written at Wiki or YT). I am also in the practice to ask permission to do that, and even ask people if i can reblog their post and give them a few days to respond yes or no and if they say no then i just delete the reblogged post, or if they do not respond i just reblog it as they will be notified that way anyway. So like this article says, please lets respect the copyrights of others, as most of you already do, and i vow to redouble my own efforts to always source any pics i use in a post. The one place on the www where i see the most abuse is on Tumblr or Flickr picture sites where pics are sucked off and posted with no source at all. Though many of these sites will say straight on their intro page “if this image belongs to you please let me know and i will remove it ASAP”, which is laudable.

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One of the recent dust-ups which have come up the greater pagan community the last few weeks has been the issue of copyright. In this round the trouble has included people posting content which is not their own as if it were as well as Facebook groups with unauthorized pdf copies of books freely available for download. In case any of you may not be sure, these acts are not only unethical but illegal.

There are already plenty of posts online explaining the basics of copyright. My friend Jennett (a fellow librarian) has a post about copyright and pagans here and Fire Lyte has an excellent post here. Go read both of them after you finish here.

In my professional life, both copyright and ethics are interests. I’m a supporter of Creative Commons and other alternatives to current copyright because I think the laws have become draconian thanks…

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  1. I think this is such an important issue, I always try to credit images, and ideas/text (at the very least noting sources for my posts). It’s not always easy to recall where some images come from when you have had them a while so I will try some of your suggestions! I find Wikimedia a good source of images, and usually link the image through to the Wiki page for licence details. Funnily enough, I am worst at crediting my own photo’s – I tend not to bother – maybe I should!

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