Reblog – “The Man in Black” – by Sarah Anne Lawless


Public domain woodblock print

Here is a well written and researched article on the Witches Coven’s Man in Black posted by Sarah Anne Lawless the other day. It is entitled The Man in Black and goes through that mythical yet real figure in history past and present. I never really thought about the MIB as representing Hades and the Queen of Elphame representing Persephone together in an old coven, but it makes total sense now. Enjoy and Blessed Be!

2 thoughts on “Reblog – “The Man in Black” – by Sarah Anne Lawless

    • Yea watch out for MIBs in black limos, wizards disguised as black cats, and Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses come knocking at your door. About the only MIBs i see around here are Amish. lol.

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