Porth Annwn

Here is a great poem by Lorna Smithers about various doorways into Annwyn, the Otherworlds. She also has a new post on the Moon Books blog which fleshes out her Bardic Druidic path a little more. And there are others to explore at that site too. I had to laugh reading this poem because i have used a silver disk shaped ship to astrally travel to the star worlds since i had a vision of such back in 1987. Enjoy and Blessed Be as ye travel thusly.

From Peneverdant

Porth-Annwfyn. Some numinous, arcane agnomen, but which to my dream cognition was livid as moonshine and did plainly signify: Gate of Elysium.’
– David Jones The Dream of Private Clitus

Where is the door?
The shadowy portal exists
In the thickness of the veil
In the heart of mist
Where life divides
And fateful cataracts meet.
There are as many doors
As you have eyes that open.

And who is the porter?
It is never who you thought it would be.
It is always who secretly you knew
From the world’s beginning.

There are many doors
And I can speak of but a few.

Trees keep doors.
They are not in the front or back
But in the spiralling melt
Into arboreal existence.
This is the forest path.

Look into a river
To find yourself on the mirror side.
Remember to be returned
With the…

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8 thoughts on “Porth Annwn

  1. Coincidentally the silver space ship featured in my first vision of the Otherworld and I’ve seen it in dreams and even flown it once (although I didn’t do so well!). I connect it with the upper world and the realm of Gwynfyd. Good to hear I’m not the only one!

    • i just sent you an email at the addy on your Gravitar, so look for it and let me know if it does not come. This whole experience i had is too complex to put into a comment. Lee

  2. Well, now, here’s a bunch of stuff to ponder. The silver ship. I was reading someone else’s blog last week, can’t remember who, and they “saw” a silver cup or dish over some of the rituals or circles they were doing.

    I have long felt that UFO activity was, by and large, visitors from Annwyn or whatever name you want to give the Otherworld. Since much of the Otherworld is the earth/lunar or sublunar realm, that is just wonderfully appropriate.

      • I love her poetry and she is truly a Druid Bard, so enjoy her poems! And yes i too have always wanted to visit Wales, but we here in the US do have our different native gods and imports we can work with.

  3. Also reading Lorna’s blog – what a lovely find, very much after my own heart only I’m not in Wales *le sigh* but eastern North Carolina … still, the spirits speak here as well.

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