Heathen Hexology in Pennsylvania

Bear Hex sign

Bear Hex sign gift from a Powwow friend

The other day a friend turned me on to The Hex Factory, a store in Philadelphia PA owned by Hunter Yoder (interview)who is a cousin of the well known Powwow writer Don Yoder.

Before this time i was only familiar with the two radically different forms of PA German Hexerei practiced here in the Appalachians – the traditional form, and the “new age” form made up by a local coven and a group in Philly. This site is refreshing in that Hunter is connecting with and practicing the pre-Christian form of Hexerei which incorporates runic magicks, the use of herbal entheogens, traditional and newer forms of hex sign painting and art forms, Hoodoo, and even sex magick.

Please especially look through the section of Essays which includes titles such as “Six Questions to Six Heathen Hexologists and their Six Hexes”, “The Reanimation of Germanic Tribalism in PA Deitsch Hexology”, “Berks County Eight Pointed Star and Black Sun (Schwarz Sonne)”, “Magic Plants Used Symbolically in Germanic Heathen Hexology” and other interesting articles. And the graphics throughout, which are copyrighted so i will not reproduce them here but only my own humble works and collections. Enjoy!

hex sign 2

Traditional Hex Signs

Hex Cabinet

Hex plates 2

Some of my own Hexerei art works

hex plates earth fire air

All photos copyright GL Hoke 2013

2 thoughts on “Heathen Hexology in Pennsylvania

  1. “I would say this, there is an energy in the magical signs of our Germanic ancestors. It is very real and powerful. Anyone can participate in making them. In doing so you are tapping into something much larger then mere personal self expression. As I explained to a former teacher and friend, A stream or river has run in its bed for hundreds of thousands of years maybe longer, so it is with folk magic. No one is quite sure how it works, just that it does.” Hunter M. Yoder http://www.thehexfactory.com/introduction9worlds.htm

    • Hunter – thanks for your comment on the shout out i gave to your site, and since my pc had crashed at xmas i had lost your site so now have it again. I do not practice powwow per se but what i do in my Witchcraft tying in Native American and powwow and even tribal shamanic practices from the Himalayas works for me. I almost gave those plates i painted away to a student but now have them up in the four directions on plate hangers in the HH, and they work well. That old bear hex a friend who Does practice powwow gave me is very powerful to me. Blessings. +++

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