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OK any “white” witches who may be offended by an inverse pentagram and the name Satanism on this reblog. I have been following Cassie’s The Devil’s Advocate blog for awhile now and am impressed by her personal style of “Satanism”. She writes with intelligence and balance and I really liked this recent post and others. Visit her About page for a better view of her and the blog link above.
I too think that most of the gods in my pantheon are Jungian type Egregores, and that and other subjects are covered here. My own personal egregores for Satan would be Pan and Kernunnos and Baphomet. Enjoy!

Devil's Advocates


Satanism doesn’t have a generally agreed set of metaphysical ideas although there are some points that many of us may well see similarly. Satanism represents individuality and free thinking. Stepping over the threshold into Satanism means letting go of commonly held assumptions and working things out for yourself. We need to look at evidence with our eyes wide open and and unblinkered by cultural perspectives and superstitions. It is not always easy and of course there is a high possibility that we as individuals will come to conclusions which prove to be incorrect. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we start to think for ourselves.

My own metaphysical ideas are in a constant state of flux. What makes sense to me today may well not make sense to me in a year’s time. However it is sometimes useful to write things down as  summary or benchmark of what…

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7 thoughts on “My Personal Metaphysics

  1. I’ve never come across a metaphysics from a satanic perspective before- thanks for sharing. My personal worldview is more animistic than this- I see matter as enspirited, and nature and the gods as manifestations of spirit that we perceive in different ways but just as real. I’d agree that science is one way of understanding the world- and perfectly valid- but no more valid than any other story we might tell.

    • Yes her view of satanism is more mature than any i have read anywhere else. And i think animism and various forms of polytheism will fit in with the egregore model, at lease it does for me.

  2. Thanks for the reblog. Hopefully your regular readers won’t be offended! ;-)

    • Yes, though the term Satanism has a bad rap amongst witches and pagans, and i find most of their blogs just boring LaVey wannabes, her blog and philosophy seems well balanced and thought out and works for her.

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