Reblog – “Linking the Living and the Dead: Skull Worship in Bolivia” – By Paul Koudounaris


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This is my almost weekly reblog of a story originally posted by Sarah Veale on her Invocatio blog where on Fridays she posts “Mysteria Misc. Maxima is a weekly feature which brings together links on religion and esotericism from around the internet.”


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The one i found most interesting this week was Linking the Living and the Dead: Skull Worship in Bolivia – By Paul Koudounaris. I found this very interesting how the pre-Christian Bolivian Indian’s beliefs have survived even within the Catholic church there and at the police station. Can you imagine having a set pf skulls staring your down during a police interrogation?! This is a nice long article with lots of pics copyrighted by Paul Koudounaris (i emailed him for permission to use some of his photos with no response, so have found some others and listed their sources under them) where at this Wiki link are links to other  articles he has written and the books he has published.


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So enjoy this pre Day of the Dead celebration of the beauty and magicke of skulls.

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  1. These pictures are incredible. I can imagine my response to the Dead overseeing my confession would be to make damn sure I was honest and as respectful as possible. I remember family members thinking me horribly morbid and disrespectful for asking if I could have a piece of my Grandmother to take home. Going to her funeral was very awkward after that… Is it weird to long for the advent of another culture so that I can honor my ancestors better?

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