Witches in Arabic countries – Shut up and hide or lose your Head!


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Last week and this week The Wild Hunt had links to new articles about ongoing beheadings of Witches in Saudi Arabia and other countries that follow Wahhabism, a radical Sunni religious sect.

Their first link was to The Atlantic’s article entitled Saudi Arabia’s  War on Witchcraft and another article Dateline December 2011: Saudi Arabia Beheads a “Witch”. This is some scary stuff for sure, and it is interesting that many immigrants imported for menial labor from Indonesia, Africa and other countries where primitive religious practices aka Witchcraft are still practiced that these people are often the targets. So if a rich guy imports a native girl as a housekeeper and she will not have sex with him he can always get rid of her by accusing her of Witchcraft, then off with her head, or she could die of stoning.

Of course i am not picking on Islam since radical Christianity has been just as bad, burning witches in SE Asia. And then there is the glaring example of the American Puritans at Salem hanging witches back in their day.


4 thoughts on “Witches in Arabic countries – Shut up and hide or lose your Head!

  1. I’d be more prone to blame patriarchal interpretations of the various religions than the religions themselves. Misogyny at its worst… :(

  2. This is absolutely appalling. As the article says, even though some cases get some support from international human rights organisations, how many more go under the radar? Although it does seem that men are also vulnerable to these charges, it would seem that women, who are vulnerable enough in so many fundamentalist religions, again take the brunt of this brutal and unjustified behaviour. It kind of makes me think that, deep down, men in orthodox religions are absolutely terrified of women.

    • I quite agree, though i guess some humans rights groups keep track of these events and thus they do end up in some news. Yes it seems mostly directed at women who take the brunt of patriarchal religions and their leaders who do seems to fear the feminine outside and within.

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