Robert the doll: The Haunted Doll of Key West

Here is a great spooky story from Lenora of The Haunted Palace about her own experience with a weird old doll and her telling of the story of Robert the Doll. I personally also find few things freaky, but dolls and manikins and clowns still do that for me. Enjoy!

The Haunted Palace

It takes a lot to freak me out, as a child I had the kind of bedroom that most of my friends thought was pretty wierd…lots of creepy old stuff, masks, dusty books, moth-eaten old fur stoles from long dead great great aunts….a distinct lack of anything girlie and pink.

Like many children I was compelled to go for piano lessons.  I hated them.  But I loved my piano teacher (a close family friend) and her house – she and it were like something out of another era.  The house was packed full of antique furniture and strange knickknacks.  Mrs A had lived in the far East for a time, and from what I gather, lived in rather grand style.  Even in her old age there was very much something of the Grand Dame of the British Empire about her.  Despite her sometimes imperious manner, she also had a wicked sense of humour, and owned possibly…

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  1. Thank you for the re-blog…maybe I will write something about clowns next….naaaaa maybe not, some things are just to scary!!!

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