Sunday Morning Exorcism – Bob Larson’s “Three Teen Exorcists” Traveling Circus


Source at Bob Larson’s blog

From The Wild Hunt’s Friday Unleash the Hounds (Link Round-up)

The story of “Rev” Bob Larson and his daughter and two other two other teen virgins who go around exorcising demons, especially in the third world. All I can say is In-fucking-credible.

If you follow the links at TWH’s post you can see a great video of this showmanship spectacle at This Link and This Link.

I do not know even what to write as this almost makes me speechless. And below i have embedded a 30 minute interview with them on Anderson Cooper’s show in which he and his guests basically shred them to pieces. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Exorcism – Bob Larson’s “Three Teen Exorcists” Traveling Circus

  1. I’ve only taken a quick look. WTF! The ‘guy behind them’ strikes me as some kind of pimp, only he’s selling their supposed exorcism skills and playing on the allure of virginity…

    • Yea, wait until you watch the first short video and then the longer one with Anderson Cooper. BTW the Source under the pic leads to Bob Larson’s rebuttal of the Cooper interview. Hopefully maybe one of the exorcism girls will convert to witchcraft later in life, lol.

  2. And people think Satanists are scary?? This man and his teenage vampire slayers are doing a lot of harm to vulnerable people. I have only watched one of the videos so far, I’ll be back to watch the rest.

    • For sure. Wait until you see Anderson Cooper and others trash them in the longer video. I like how the girls keep turning their heads to the older one to the right for answers all the time.

  3. …This is quite scary and very exploitative, but looks like a good business venture: Ker-Ching! $$$££££

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