August Feast

Here is a beautiful and poignant poem for Lammas by Lorna Smithers at her blog.
Oh how things have changed. Right now here the sweet corn is at its height and hand picked, but the seed corn must dry out in a couple months for mechanized harvesting for cattle feed, seed corn, and bio-fuel. We have had a pretty good growing season here in the north-central Appalachians, a nice balance of rain and sunshine.
When i see the bread man collecting out of date loaves in the grocery store i always hope they donate it to food banks instead of the dumpster. A friend who used to work at that grocery told me the amazing amount of food thrown out while while the third world starves. I think America wastes about 40% of food produced and imported, a sin for sure.
The Wild Hunt has some good quotes and links on Lughnasadh, and I am going to try to embed a video below of Steve Winwood of Traffic singing their version of John Barleycorn Must Die. If i can’t embed it here i will post another separate post, perhaps with some pics of my humble Lammas celebration altar, if the sun comes out between storms today.

Didn’t think that would work on a reblog, so just follow the link.
Blessed Lammas.

3 thoughts on “August Feast

  1. Britain is just as bad on food waste. Big super markets encouraging people to over purchase are a big problem, plus of course a lot of people simply don’t cook from scratch any more what with that and city living, most people are so far removed from the source of their food they have no connection with it anymore.

    • Yes thank the gods for our local farmers market, which i go to first before i go to the grocery stores. Living in a rural area i am well aware of the farmers who give us food, and worry about the rain and heat for their sakes rather than for mine.

      • Yes, we get plenty of the wet stuff here in England! Although to be fair, its been a wonderful summer this year (long may it last!). My dad is a bit of a herbalist and keen gardener and he grows a lot of fruit, he spent all day yesterday making raspberry jam from his raspberry bushes and I can’t wait to claim my pots of jam! I guess he had his own Lammas day harvest!

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