Crowley’s other Magus tarot cards painted by Frieda Harris

AC 3 Magus tarot cards

3 versions of The Magus by Frieda Harris

I was reading through Sarah Veale’s Friday occult and archeology link round up post today at her Invocatio blog today and came upon a very interesting one on Frieda Harris, who of course painted Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck. It seems she also painted a set of Masonic Tracing Boards around 1942 when she was also painting for Crowley. She was both a Co-Mason and Thelemite back then. So follow that link for her artwork illustrating the first three degrees of Masonry as i cannot put them in this post. They are fascinating for sure.

AC Magus tarot card 1

The Magus card that made it into the Thoth deck

This takes me back to decades ago when a small group of local Themites went to the Penn State University rare book and documents collection where we were privileged to see what we at the time thought were original paintings but now i see at their website that they are photostat copies of 82 of the 78 card deck. Yes 82 because Crowley had Frieda Harris paint Many versions of the cards before he approved the one he wanted in the deck. And i observed later that there were 3 versions of the Magus (Magickian) card that she painted, which i am posting here.

AC Magus tarot card 2

Second version of The Magus

These images are widely available on a Google image search or on Tumblr sites so i consider them to be in the public domain right now, though i think the OTO is in the process of suing US Games Systems for copyright on them. Enjoy and 93.

AC Magus ctarot card 3

Third version of The Magus

2 thoughts on “Crowley’s other Magus tarot cards painted by Frieda Harris

  1. Nice link. I like the artwork. Although actually I have yet to find a tarot deck that I feel comfortable with.

    • I like the flow of the images in her artwork, which seems to dance with the other cards making more a movie than a snapshot. And i think Crowley’s Book of Thoth to be the best intro book on Thelema, but one has to know some Kabbalah to understand it deeply. I rarely use tarot, only when i have a big decision to make, and do not use a traditional throw pattern, and invoke a Mercurial angelic spirit into it. Sometimes it talks to me and sometimes it does not.

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