Two Interviews with Professor Ronald Hutton – by Caroline Tully


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In the last few days I have discovered the blog of Caroline Tully, who is both an initiated Australian witch and PhD in archeology. Here blog is called Necropolis Now and has lots of fascinating articles going back to 2007, and i still have not read all her posts yet!

She did two interviews with Professor Hutton, the first posted in May 2011 entitled:

Interview with Professor Ronald Hutton of the University of Bristol, United Kingdom

And a second follow-up interview in February 2012 entitled:

A Follow-Up Interview with Professor Ronald Hutton

Both are fascinating interviews with lots of links and sources and both clear up a lot of misconceptions Witches have about him. Please also read the Many comments by some of the players in this debate. I myself am no scholar or academic, just a home grown Appalachian witch initiated into a 46 year old coven started by Sybil Leek here in the US, but i loved reading these articles at this type of professional blog. I have gone back and forth on Hutton since the publishing of his Triumph of the Moon, being both pro-Hutton and anti-Hutton over the decades. But like i said i am no scholar or academic and do not have the knowledge or education to really form much of an opinion. I will let the readers review these interviews and the links therein and form their own informed opinion of this decades long hot topic of modern Wicca vs ancient Paganism.

And i highly recommend your further exploration of her blog posts, thought she only posts a few times a months, but hey, its all about quality, not quantity.

PS – I have a previous post called Reopening the Case for Historic Witchcraft you might want to check out if you have not read it already.

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4 thoughts on “Two Interviews with Professor Ronald Hutton – by Caroline Tully

  1. These are great interviews. Although I’ve read a couple of his books I didn’t know much about Ronald Hutton’s background until I read the first one. I really admire Hutton’s work because although he shows how little factual evidence we have for pagan beliefs his works still expound and celebrate the creativity and evolving spirit of the pagan religions.

    • Yes i read a couple of his books years ago, and am amazed that Triumph was written in 1999. Then i read Trials of the Moon by Ben Whitmore which goes against Hutton’s ideas. I will just let the historians fight it out and keep with my own whatever you want to call it with the God/ess of Nature…..

  2. I read Triumph of the Moon ages ago and really appreciated the fact that it seemed to celebrate paganism while seeming to take a realistic view of the historical precedent. I keep meaning to make time to read the counter view you highlighted, and I will eventually, however, the historic argument (however much fun it is) is only ever going to be a side-show to what people actually feel and believe. However much I enjoy the historical argument, I still can’t change how I feel when I go out into nature…somethings are beyond empirical analysis (fortunatly!).

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