Traditional Witchcraft and the Pagan Revival by Melusine Draco

Melusine Draco sounds like she has written a well researched and well balanced book on this controversial subject. And looking at what she has written before she seems a genuine hedge witch. Leona writes –
“…. although claiming some remnant pagan elements from antiquity may have survived in Britain, does not go as far as to claim an unbroken ancient lineage.
I was particularly taken by Draco’s idea of a Jungian Collective Unconsciousness, where over time universal magical knowledge was laid down and stored, ready for those with the ability to tap into in to it in future ages. A sort of metaphysical unbroken lineage rather than an actual genealogical line!…….and strongly believes in the importance of tapping into the genius loci of an area as a way of connecting to the Old Ways.”
And i strongly agree. The old gods of witchcraft and paganism are in the land, the soil, the trees and rocks, the mountains and streams. It has little to do about old books or family and initiatory lineages, though they have their place in teaching. True witchcraft is about witches shamanically accessing that old hidden knowledge.
Good review, and i look forward to it coming out in electronic form.

The Haunted Palace

One of my other pass-times, in between researching odd avenues of history and the supernatural, is doing book reviews for my friend Ingrid and her Indie Author website.  She recently asked me to review a book on the history of Traditional Witchcraft and Paganism that is due to be published soon.  Below is the review that I posted for her.

The Author:  Melusine Draco

42_Melusine-Draco_128_225sThe author known as Melusine Draco trained in the arts of traditional British Old Craft with Bob and Mériém Clay-Egerton.   She has extensive experience as a practitioner and teacher of British Traditional Witchcraft and has written a number of acclaimed books on magic and spirituality for the modern witch.  As part of the Arcanum and Temple of Khem, Melusine offers magical and spiritual instruction.

One of the things that sets her apart in the world of pagan writings is her use of classical sources, academic…

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