A story that begs to be retold – being a history of the “Simon” Necronomicon


A witch friend who is quite the scholar of all witch and magickal history, from what i can see, and i were discussing who really wrote the Necronomicon and he sent me this old 2009 blog post by Alan Cabal that Simon was really a Peter Levenda.
I told my friend that this story of what went on at the Magickal Childe bookstore in NYC gave me “flashbacks” of my slight involvement back when the Caliphate OTO was getting legally established. Sometime around the mid to late 1980s my friends and I visited NYC for a large (80+ Thelemites) in a rented room (we had to strap the steps for the altar of the GM onto a car and drive through downtown Manhattan or Brookly to get there) where I first heard the late Richard Gernon start the Gnostic Mass with yelling out the “Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos” of the Star Ruby, and i was hooked. I also remember the Priestess had a large star of Babalon tattooed onto her chest. I and others received our Minerval o* that day also. And the next morning i ended up sharing some cold cereal with Hymenaeus Beta the OHO of the OTO! Later that day we visited the Magickal Childe bookstore where behind the counter in a back room we could hear a ritual going on. And i bought my first black iron phurba there. Wild and crazy times for sure…..

I used to own an original paperback copy of the Necronomicon, and found it to be a workable grimoire, but never went through the gates because it was not the type of dark magicke i was practicing at the time. Back then i was experimenting more with Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian OTO systems.

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Being a History of the “Simon” Necronomicon

The Doom that Came to Chelsea

by Alan Cabal

My ex-wife died back in March, after a long and heroic bout with cancer. She walked out on me in 1997, but we remained on good enough terms that I hosted her first and only visit to Vegas in October of 2001. Las Vegas was a refuge from the maudlin hysteria of the time. She was dazzled by it. I got to spend a week with her last year, just before I drove to California. I didn’t think I’d be coming back, and we both knew that this would probably be our last time together.

She had just enough strength to walk down the driveway to the mailbox, so we spent the week just hanging out, smoking pot and watching television, going over old times. The pot counteracted the nausea from the chemo and…

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12 thoughts on “A story that begs to be retold – being a history of the “Simon” Necronomicon

  1. What an amazing article, it totally brought the era to life, it must have been such a really crazy/wild/creative scene to be involved with!

    • Yea NYC would have been too wild and crazy for even me, but a visit was fine. Its a shame Richard Gernon died of a heroin OD, but back then it was sex, AIDS, drugs, rock & roll and magick.

  2. Wow, has anyone written any full memoirs of that time? I would love to read more about that scene!

    • Memories? Guess it depends on people’s long term memories, lol. But magickians are in the habit of keeping magickal diaries, so perhaps a book search under their names will reveal something, though that article was pretty revealing for sure. Sometimes magickal groups do not like to reveal the skeletons in their closets though in today’s PC world.

  3. i must contradict all those who speak nonsense about the necronomicon.As a practitioner of arabic rouhanyat and magic I can assure you that the ORIGINAL(not the fake one that u can find all over the net) Necronomicon is truly from the arab magickal lore-Al Azif is but a part of the original arabic manuscript known to all arab magicians that HAVE to study it if under the supervision of their guru murshid..I saw the original in morocco when I was doing my apprenticeship back to 2005

  4. Peter Levenda and Jim Wasserman are a pair of lying whores who will say or do anything to keep their guru status intact. I neither want nor need your approval or submission. I am not Jim Jones, nor do I wish to be.

  5. Peter Levenda and Jim Wasserman are a pair of lying hacks, desperately clinging to their flimsy guru status with all of their might. I’ve never really been attracted to that sort of thing.
    I don’t need you. They do.

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