Olivia Robertson and the Fellowship of ISIS


Isis – image source unknown

A witch friend recently turned me back on to the Fellowship of Isis which was co-founded by Olivia Robertson and her brother Lawrence and his wife Pamela from 1976. Here is their website (which has lots of other videos, wave files, pictures, and downloadable liturgy) and blog and a video below previewing their DVD on Olivia as the Priestess of Isis, though they worship many god/esses and are open to all faiths there. It is still my opinion that ISIS is the primal Goddess of the western hermetic and magickal systems that sprung from around the Mediterranean and southern Europe, basically anywhere the Greeks and Romans took her knowledge and worship.

Olivia must be around 96 years of age now, though of late she has been in hospital with a broken ankle. Her spirit in this video reminds me of my elder High Priestess in our Coven of the Catta, Lady Alsace. May they both continue to live long fruitful lives until the Goddess calls them home!

6 thoughts on “Olivia Robertson and the Fellowship of ISIS

  1. Thanks for sharing- I always learn something new when I visit your blog :)

    I don’t know much about the Fellowship of Isis, but did a ritual with a group that included people from the Druid Clan of Dana at Beltane, and recognised the hand movements on the video!

  2. Olivia Robertson is remarkable! Years ago I had a book of photo’s by the late Simon Marsden (he was famous for taking some very moody black and white photo’s of castles and ruins in Britain and Ireland) and he took a great photo of the Durdin Robertson’s performing a ritual. It was a really striking image and always stuck with me, but I didn’t know anything about their beliefs and Fellowship. Their multi-faith approach seems a very practical way to try and bring about positive change in attitudes to the sacred feminine.

  3. I’ll watch the video later when I’m on a faster internet connection. I also feel a connection to Isis although I believe a lot of the things attributed to her came originally from traditions associated with Het Hert.

    • Yes Het-Hert aka Hathor is a Very old Goddess for sure. I am not of the Khemetic faith but it seems the oldest cultures in Egypt and India and the fertile crescent who first developed animal husbandry and agriculture would worship a cow deity as the source of life.

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