Nature’s Fury With Man – Shiva Gets Washed Away

Shiva Ganges

A different Shiva statue that i am sure met the same fate. Photo credit unknown.

I am sure it is not the first time Shiva has been “swept away” by the Goddesses Ganga, Parvati and Kali. There is Nothing like the power of water, unstoppable by its very weight and flow. I am sure the monsoon’s power is magnified by the rapid deforestation in Himalayan foothills and glacial melting upstream for sure.

Metal Gaia

Are last month’s floods a sign of the Gods wrath?

In this day and age, climate disasters are unfortunately becoming a new normal.

However, I think this event is highly symbolic.

Some say the Goddess Ganga, associated with the Ganges river, has something do to with the way the river has been acting.

It is said that this Goddess is so powerful, that she had to be brought to Earth in Shiva’s hair, and in his hair she sits in this statue.

Now the statue of Shiva has been carried away by the river. Houses and buildings on the river bank have been destroyed. Could it be that Ganga does not want to be tamed? Whether you believe in the spiritual aspects of the story or not, the symbolism is quite uncanny.

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2 thoughts on “Nature’s Fury With Man – Shiva Gets Washed Away

  1. I’m guessing during monsoon season the Ganga’s usually pretty fierce and environmental imbalance accentuated this. What a disaster.

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