Vikings – Odin and the Lords of Asgard

I found this trailer explanation of the Norse gods on the Karmapolice blog today. I know it is a rather simplistic portrayal of their gods, put together to explain to the viewers of the Vikings series on The History Channel. But I love the graphics in this short video. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Vikings – Odin and the Lords of Asgard

  1. That is prettily done. I found I didn’t much like the Vikings series. But, since my son does the Nordic path as a very solitary man, and I am sworn to a certain service to Freyja….I find the story of Ragnarok compelling. I am torn, however,wondering how true the legend came down….transcribed, as it was, by Christian monks who had their own end of world scenario axe to grind.

    These days, I wonder why nobody chooses to interpret it as a tale of mans demise due to environmental collapse….with the Fenrir Wolf of Greed and the Serpent of Apathy and Ignorance defeating the works of man and gods?

    • I am no scholar nor follower of this path, but i assume there have got to be modern translations of the Sagas that do not have a christian slant. I guess it is like the Hindu historical cycle ending in the Kali Yuga where materialism destroys mankind, only to be reborn again in the next cycle.

      • Yes, it does bear a resemblance to the “Age of Iron” stories, it also reminds me of Southwestern legends of world upon destroyed world…this being the fifth world, iirc. Perhaps the “Age of Aquarius” cannot begin until the Age of Pisces is thoroughly gutted? :-(

    • Maybe not after you watch a few episodes of the series, lol. But then that is TV and not reality. The Vikings were a proud and adventurous group for sure, and I can see why some northern European groups want to revive their religion and culture to some degree.

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