Ancient World News – from the National Geographic website

09-possible-european-visitor-face-670 Photograph by David Coventry

Photograph by David Coventry

(I have emailed him asking permission to post this picture)

Yesterday I found National Geographic’s website, which has a section called Daily Ancient World News which covers a variety of subjects from ancient archeology to paleontology to anthropology to history in general. I love reading about and studying the world of ancient humans, trying to figure out their religious beliefs, tracing out pagan past. I guess i should have stayed in college and become a religious anthropologist, but i am not cut out for such a scholarly position, so i remain a witch who is an occasional science nerd blogger instead.

The link above leads to several hundred stories going back to 2010, and i spent parts of the last two days going through all of them, and present here are a couple of my favorite ones that may be of interest to witches and pagans who read this blog.

They found whetstones that have traces of metallic alloys made only by Viking metalsmiths:

Evidence of Viking Outpost Found in Canada

About thunderstones:

“Thor’s Hammer” Found in Viking Graves

And from another part of the website a story of a shamaness trying to heal the land.

World Heritage and Climate Change: Lessons From Indigenous Peoples of Altai, Russia

Enjoy, and happy surfing the other stories of interest to you.

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