COC Solitary Summer Solstice Ritual Pictures

Coven of the Catta

Due to extenuating circumstances no one in the coven was able to come to my house for our Summer Solstice ritual, so I just did it as a solitary ritual outside in my circle of stones i call Snakehedge. When i work outside i do not use any metal tools, just wooden and stone, so as to not frighten the Fey. I had a balefire already prepared from collecting pieces of fallen branches all spring. I laid a circle of yellow corn around the central standing stones, which represent the Goddess and God, and propped my two wands upon them. On the central pentagram stone between them i placed a dish i had painted for the element fire with the runes for the swirling swastika sun. On the tree stump altar to the south i lit charcoal on one stone and burned copal incense. In another trough shaped stone i…

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