Carrowkeel Cairns – Irish Summer Solstice Sunset with the song “Journey To Three Rock Mountain” by Claire Roche

I found this beautiful video and post called Summer Solstice Alignments in Ireland on the Confessions of a Hedge Witch blog and have embedded it below.

“It is from Carrowkeel’s Cairn G, a passage tomb in the west of the country (Ireland), is aligned to the setting sun of the Summer Solstice.” BTW Cairn G is about 700 years older than Newrgrange.

The comments on the YT page by John Willmott are interesting in that “Claire wrote this when she was 15 years old as a reflection of riding a horse over Three Rock Mountain outside Dublin, a much less developed place then. She wrote and recorded her thoughts, mainly improvised, on a Sony 2 track reel to reel when she came home. This track is that original recording with a front vocal track added 40 years later but the vocal and piano backing is still Claire at 15 years old.”

Enjoy the music and beautiful filming, and Blessed Summer Solstice to you all. I will do our Coven’s ritual tomorrow morning and post some pics from that tomorrow.