3 thoughts on “I’m in ur Wicca, scarin ur Noobs

  1. That photo is a bit scary alright but Crowley is in there true enough , lol. While Gardner’s Book of Shadows does reference the Goddess , as in the Gnostic Mass , it’s not to the degree or extent that we see now and associate with Witchcraft. Doreen Valiente did an amazing job of taking the BOS as it was at that time and breathing life into it and adding the ties to nature and a more balanced view of the Horned God and Goddess that the Craft has come to embody. Gardner may have been one of the driving forces behind the Revival Craft but Doreen’s contributions have kept it alive and growing. Thank you for posting this ! The Gnostic Mass is a moving ritual and should be read by all.

    • Me too. Witchcraft priest and OTO Deacon (in the past). I took the GM and re-wrote it for two people and would love to blog it, but i am afraid the Caliphate OTO would sue me, lol.

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