The Allegories of Subjugation

I have posted on this artist and blogger Valerie Herron once before. In this post she features more of her art as an allegory for the human condition. I like how she uses the same critters and creatures in each picture to tell this story, and i think her explanation of each work of art is excellent and thought provoking. In fact she got me thinking about many of my own inner demons. You can also visit her at her website to learn more about her, and she has a Tumblr page also.

Orator Sæpientia

Ok, I’m going to finally embark upon the daunting task that is creating a blog post about my thesis work. I didn’t make this easy for myself when attempting to explain the work in a concise fashion for my Thesis Defense presentation, so the idea of summarizing the work even further into a blog post has been giving me nightmares for weeks.

Let’s make a deal: for those of you who would rather not wade through a dissertation on the work (nor be inundated with my politics) I will set up a slide show of the final images so you can FINALLY see the images that I’ve been bitching about for months. However, if you are left with questions about my process, choices, or are just confounded by the imagery, I will include a lengthy (yet distilled, trust me) explanation of the work.

Without further ado, here is my thesis project

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