The Carman Generation and A Witch’s Invitation – from The Wild Hunt

I found this interesting article and video at The Wild Hunt blog entitled The Carman Generation and A Witch’s Invitation which has a lot of good information and links. I had never heard of this fundamentalist Christian singer before (gee, I wonder why, he he he) and this video below entitled “A Witch’s Invitation”, which is very dated, perhaps from the late 1980s going by the clothing and hair styles. But it encompasses all the stereotypes that fundamentalist Christianity had and has against the Wiccan and Pagan community. His monologue in this video is very hard to make out but you get the point. It seems he wrote it against the late Isaac Bonewits so make sure you hit the link to an old article he wrote called Understanding the Religious Reich which is a well deserved scathing tirade against fundamentalism in all religions, and the prejudices we as witches and pagans experience to this day. Enjoy and Blessed Be!

3 thoughts on “The Carman Generation and A Witch’s Invitation – from The Wild Hunt

    • Yea me too. Even though it is old they are still preaching this garbage. A previous co-worker who still stays in contact with me, and who knows i am a witch and a Buddhist, recently went to a class at her fundy church about “spiritual warfare” and she is now afraid to visit me because i could be a bad influence on her. I explained that, contrary to what she may have been taught that witches do not worship Satan and Buddhists do not worship idols. I love Isaac Bonewits’s tirade that may have sparked that video.

  1. I will have to look for the Bonewits tirade – sounds intriguing. I get really worried about fundamentalists (in any guise) because they are just so blinkered and they want to put blinkers on everyone else as well (or burn them at the stake – whatever!). I also thought that this video had a sort of hidden anti-semetic message as well as an overt anti-pagan message. Mind you the special effects were hilarious!

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